About Us

Wellmax Metal Pressing (Wellmax) was established in 1962 and has since grown into one of the leading manufacturers of pressed metal and tube processing components in Gauteng.

Wellmax is a dynamic and innovative company and we maintain high levels of quality and world-class service. We supply companies within the mining, automotive, building, scaffolding, camping and clothing industries to mention but a few.




  • Webbing Accessories
  • Buckles, slides and buckle backing plates
  • Tent & Tarpaulin accessories including poles, pegs
  • Miscellaneous items: clips, brackets, hooks, toggles and plates
  • Plastic injection mouldings in polypropylene, polyethelene and nylon: caps, plugs, washers and clips
  • Flexi-corners for caravan tents and gazebos.
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  • Scaffolding (download Scaffolding catalogue)



We have recently expanded our infrastructure and have a wide range of capabilities to serve our clients from our 2 manufacturing plants conveniently located in Edenvale, Johannesburg.


Tool Room

We have a fully equipped tool room and manufacture tools for metal pressings (blanking, forming & progressive tools) as well as moulds for plastic injection moulding. We recently invested in an additional 400sq. m toolroom with CNC machines for precision engineering.

Metal Pressings

We have hydraulic and eccentric presses, ranging from 5 to 250 ton that can press and form metal components of various thicknesses, shapes and sizes.


We do CO2 Welding as well as robotic welding


Bending, rolling, reducing, swaging, notching and other manipulation of all types of round, square and rectangular tube, steel, aluminium and stainless steel

Wire Forming

Forming of various wire products including o-rings, d-rings, triangle rings and hooks in all different shapes and configurations

Electro Galvanising

Electro Plating of Metal Products in galvanised silver, yellow passivated and green.

Nylon Coating

Specialized durable NATO spec Nylon Coating to protect metal products